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How to Rename Several Files at Once in macOS

Prior to Leopard, changing your short username was a complicated, risky procedure. If you have forgotten your password read: How to recover a forgotten Mac password. Changing the username for your account is simple - assuming you have administrator rights. But you will see a pretty stark warning that changing the settings might damage the account and prevent you from logging in.

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This will only change the username - not the Home directory name, or your Short Name. And, as the warning states, it may damage the account and prevent you from logging in! We did it without any problems, although there were a few hair raising seconds when the log in process took slightly longer than usual. You also need to change the name in the field what shows the location of the Home directory.

Need to change your admin password? Apart from supporting regular expressions, it allows user to tweak with file rename conditions through wildcard entries. Some useful pre-defined conditions are also available to quickly perform basic file rename operations, such as, Append, Prepend, Remove Characters, Date, Sequence, Replace First character with and Replace last character with.

How to Batch Rename Files on Mac OS X Easily from Finder

NameChanger has two panned interface which makes it easier to add files to rename list and get a preview of file renaming results. It shows full file name in the list, however, you can choose to hide extensions, ignore word case, and force unique names. All you need is to drag files over the left pane followed by select conditions.

The screenshot below displays removal of characters within defined user-specified range. When you enter the range of characters to be truncated from file names, it shows the result in real time before applying changes in right pane.

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A click on Rename will perform the file rename operation. From conditions drop-down menu, you can select any of aforementioned file rename conditions. Each condition has different criteria of taking input from users. For instance, The Replace All Occurrences With option requires entering text string you want to change and then keywords to be replaced with.